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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  September 20, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- trump under fire. the gop front-runner taking heat for what he didn't say. the bombastic billionaire is here. revealing why he's not backing down. plus, after the big gop showdown, could new stars emerge to shake up the race? we'll ask marco rubio. and hillary clinton back on offense. >> unbelievable. it's amazing. >> dancing on the rope line with supporters. plus, the growing debate over the democratic debates. should there be more? and the pope makes history. his landmark trip begins, and we're right there with him as he makes his way to the u.s. for the first time. >> announcer: from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now.
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good morning. you're looking live at cuba, pope francis there this morning ahead of his first trip to the u.s. more on that later in the show. but we begin with the race to the white house, after a record-setting second debate this week, marco rubio and donald trump facing new questions. we'll talk to donald trump and marco rubio live. first, jon karl on the latest controversy trump is stirring up. >> reporter: even after a rough and tumble campaign week, donald trump is still the king. >> the future president of the united states of america, donald trump! >> reporter: welcomed last night by the homecoming court at an iowa high school. >> i love you all. have a great dance tonight. >> reporter: but the latest trump firestorm is over something he didn't say. when faced with this question in w hampshire. >> we have a problem in this country and it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an america.
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>> we need the question. >> reporter: trump didn't challenge his supporter's false claim about the president's background. >> if someone brought that up at a town hall meeting of mine, i would say, no, listen, before i answer, let's clear that up for the audience. >> reporter: trump has no apologies. he recited his twitter account for a crowd saturday. >> so i started by saying am i morally obligated to defend the president every time someone says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so, right? >> reporter: so, is donald trump playing with fire or simply playing to his base? a recent poll shows more than half of his supporters believe president obama is muslim and 28% of republicans think the president wasn't born in the u.s. even trump has admitted his conspiracy theories over the president's birth are part of his appeal as he told me two years ago -- >> i don't think i went
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overboard. i think it made me very popular. so, i do think what i'm doing. more energy tonight, i like that. >> reporter: meanwhile a gop front-runner still target number one at the second gop face-off. >> you better be able to lead our country on the first day. >> reporter: trump continues to draw crowds. another record tv audience for the last debate. but, can he continue to take the heat? for "this week," jonathan karl, abc news, washington. and donald trump joins us now. mr. trump, thank you for joining us this morning. that's the question, are you feeling the heat? a new cnn poll out this morning that shows you're still in the lead at 24% but you dropped about 8 points. >> some other polls came out where i went up, very substantially. others are coming out, likewise where that went up. so, generally speaking i've gone
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up since the debate. but we'll see what happens. i think those polls are all coming out today and tomorrow. >> let's get into this controversy over the last couple of days. i saw your tweets yesterday, you said you didn't have a morally responsibility when that question came up about president obama. but this is getting a lot of attention in part because you have raised questions like this in the past. so, for the record, was president obama born in the united states? >> well, you know, i don't get into, george, i'm talking about jobs, military, i don't get into it. they asked the questions. frankly, it's no longer an interest to me. it's something i don't want to talk about. i want to talk about the vets and the military. i want to talk about jobs. i don't get into that, george. >> the way to get behind it is answer yes or no -- >> that's possible, but i don't talk about it. >> even though you raised questions and you investigated this in the past --
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>> well, people thought i should have defended the president in terms of the question that was asked the other night. my attitude is, would he have done that for me? he's been very capable of defending himself, believe me. so, we'll see what happens. but i think the tweets really covered it cell. i actually was very interested because i got in hot water for not saying anything. first time it's ever happened to me. this is something where i didn't even say anything. >> i take that point. but you raised these questions so often in the past, why can't you say definitively yes or not? you raised it many times. and he's not a muslim. >> george, you have raised the question. i haven't raised the question. i don't talk about it. but i don't talk other people's faith. not appropriate for me to talk about somebody else's faith. >> the other big premise of that
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question, he said, muslims are a problem many this country, do you agree? >> in some cases, george, we can say no, and you can be politically correct and say everything's wonderful. certainly it's a problem. and there's a problem -- >> what is the problem specifically? >> at the same time, we have fabulous people living here, muslims, and they have done fantastically well, but certainly it's a problem. you look around the world, it's a problem. if i said no, not at all, people would laugh at me. now, it might be the right thing to say. i don't care what the right thing to say is, but certainly what's happening with some muslims and, you know, terrorism and everything else, it seems pretty much confined there. it's a problem. we can say no, but it is. >> what are the specific problems with the muslims
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that you want to address? >> a certain extent, most are fabulous, i say that number one point, most are fabulous. i have friends that are muslims. by the way, they say there's a problem with certain militants that obviously you report on every night on your newscasts. but there's a problem with militancy. and it is something that's going to have to be solved. this is a worldwide problem. >> let's get to that worldwide problem, we also learned over this week, russia has now moved combat aircraft and surface-to-air missiles into syria, what do you think putin is up to? >> he's trying to take over parts of the world that -- he was there long ago, now he's trying to go back, and the problem is, we have a president that he does not respect, he has absolutely no respect for the president and maybe he has no fear of the united states any longer because we're letting things go, our military isn't the same as it was, obviously it's being depleted.
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i'm seeing it in real estate. they're selling so many things and so many places. i say to myself, what's going on? >> if president putin decided it's in his national interest to move into syria, ukraine, what could you say to him? >> it's all about leadership. it's about getting along with people. i gave answer that i thought was very good in the debate. lot of people loved that answer and they agreed with that answer. you get along with people. it's called respect. he has no respect for the president. he doesn't talk to the president. they have absolutely no relationship. you see the body language when they're together. the body language is absolutely horrible. now, as far as syria is concerned, it looks like he's trying to build up in syria and, you know, it's very interesting,
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because with isis -- we're fighting isis, yet isis is fighting assad, and assad is saying, isn't it nice that the united states came in and they're take caring of your enemy. isis now is fighting us -- instead of fighting assad. >> i'm trying to figure out -- >> we're the best thing that ever happened to assad. >> are you saying that president putin would actually do something against his national interest, pull out of syria just belongs he gets along with you. >> the word is respect. he has no respect for our country and our leadership at the moment. frankly, he's doing things that are very aggressive, and the reason he's doing them is because he doesn't have respect. >> what's the first thing you would do to respect him? pto. there's no communication. they have no communication whatsoever.
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i get along with people and frankly there are some people, george, that i don't get along with, no chemistry, whatever it may, you find the people you get along with -- it's a chess game, life is a very high-level chess match. you have to know what you're doing. you don't want to start world war iii over syria. lot of people said we want to confront them. i'm not sure you want to start world war iii over syria. that's for sure. >> i want to move on to more politics, carly fiorina surging. in the cnn poll, up to 15%. you had some exchanges with her the other night, did you underestimate her? >> look, she did a terrible job at hewlett packard, at lucent. dhoez companies are just a disaster. she destroyed hewlett packard. 25,000 additional people were let go. that was because of the remnants that she did.
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compaq computers deal was a terrible deal. she destroyed the company that she was at before there. she's been terrible. she's got a good pitter patter. if you listen to her for more than five minutes straight, you get a headache. i'm not concerned with that. i'd like to see her do well. but frankly, you know, i didn't see the poll. i think i'm still way in -- >> you're still ahead. you're at 24%. she's at 15% right now. >> is she in second place? >> ben carson is in second place. marco rubio -- fiorina is in second place, then ben carson. marco rubio moved up a lot. you had an exchange with jeb bush about casino gambling in florida, you said it was totally false that you tried to get casino gambling -- >> i never spoke to him. i never called him and said, would you do it? in fact, the governor that was after him ultimately approved it. but i never spoke to jeb.
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i never called up jeb and said, jeb, would you do me a favor -- >> you're saying, you were accepting trying to get casino gambling there. >> we're looking at deals all over the world. i'm doing deals all over the world. yeah, we were looking at the florida, but ultimately, charlie crist, the next governor, approved casino gambling. i never called jeb. the question was, did i call jeb? it was very premature. it was very early. there were other steps they would have to take. i would have called jeb and i think he might have done it for me, because i did help him. but i never called him and therefore i think i was 100% accurate in my answer. >> donald trump, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. let's go to marco rubio, from florida, good morning senator, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> talking to donald trump about that new poll coming out on cnn showing a big move for you, as well, do you think this is your breakout moment?
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>> these polls don't really mean anything at this stage. you're a veteran of campaigns. i'm not sure mid-september winners is where you want to be. you want to do well and they're relevant because they're deciding who gets on the stage. they're not going to decide this election. obviously, everybody's happy when there's a poll that shows some movement. >> you still got these outsider candidates in the top three positions, donald trump, ben carson and carly fiorina. what do you do about it? >> it's about the fact that the disconnect between washington and our people has never been larger than it is right now. people feel like political leaders in both political parties are completely out of touch with their lives. you saw some of it reflected in the debate the other day. it's not limited to the politicians, it's also about the media. three-hour debate. no discussion about the national debt. it was a constant he said/she said, because so and so called you this name. quite frankly, it might be entertaining for a few minutes,
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but there are people out there living paychecks to paychecks. you americans owe thousands and thousands of dollars in loans. none of that was discussed the other night. it's disappointing to people, while they're struggling, the political class, washington, media, and everyone else is focused on these other things. >> hillary clinton is going to join that debate. she'll go on the offense of obamacare. you and the other republican candidates called for a repeal of it. do you believe that's going to be a liability? >> for her? >> for you? >> absolutely. no. no, i don't want to repeal it, i want to replace it. i have outlined exactly what we would replace it. a plan or program that allows every american to control their own health insurance money. they can use it to buy any health insurance they want anywhere in the country. would make it portable. allow them to buy across state lines. we have outlined a proposal
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that is much better than what we're seeing now, increasing premiums and discouraging businesses from hiring people. >> donald trump is not going to weigh in on whether the president of the united states, was born in the united states. i see you shaking your head. >> i'm tired of this -- not it's a big waste of time. barack obama will not be president in a year and a half. it's time to talk about future of the america. i'm more than happy to answer your question, every time we discuss these sort of things, we're not discussing the family who's trying to make it. those are the issues i hope we focus on. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> i take it from the question, you accept that the president was born in the united states. >> of course, he's born in the united states. he's a christian. he's the president
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of the united states for the next year and a half. we're going to move on. the election has to be about what comes next. >> big geopolitical challenges as well, you talked about syria and russia on wednesday night. as well, let me ask you the question that i asked donald trump, what exactly would you do about the fact that vladimir putin has now put combat aircraft and surface-to-air missiles in syria? >> it sounds like trump thinks that if we have someone gets along better with putin, things will happen. i guess he's advocating for a reset with putin. putin has a very clear plan, which is to reposition russia as a geopolitical force. at least at the same level as the former soviet union. this is part of that plan. he senses a vacuum in the middle east. he talks saudis and others that feel like
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america is retreating from its commitment the region. the president says so, we're not going to get overly engaged in the region. he's taking advantage of that. so, he's positioning combat aircraft in syria. you'll see them fly combat missions soon. i think you'll see before the end of this month, you'll see vladimir putin go to the u.n. and tell the world that he's going to lead the anti-isis coalition. >> what would you do about it? >> well, first of all, we'll lead. that's the point, he's trying to fill a vacuum. those countries would like to work with the united states on an anti-isis. they haven't seen the united states bring together a sunni force to combat them on the ground. they see this lack of clear plan and strategy in regards on what to do with assad in syria. if i were president, we would fill that vacuum. i'm confident, if given a choice between american leadership and putin
10:18 am
leadership that region will choose american leadership, but given the choice between no leadership and putin they're going to choose putin. that's what's happening now. >> you have been talking questions at your debate on missed votes, you're missing votes because you're running to president. how do you respond to mike huckabee who said, those who don't show up to vote, shouldn't get paid by taxpayers. >> we have other functions. the voting is just a one part of the overall job of the senate. here's the bottom line, when you run for president, you're going to miss some votes. that's true. we have tried very hard to be there as much as possible, the other night we had a vote in the senate, monday or tuesday, the night before the debate, i had to fly across the country. we did that. because it's important to be there. we'll be there again for key votes. i'm not out playing golf, or
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vacationing with my family and missing votes. i'm running for president. i am trying to do something to change the direction of this country. i have concluded we're not going to do it without the right person in the white house. that's what i want to do for the country. that's why i'm running for president. from time to time, it will require me to miss a vote here and there in the senate. >> first pope ever to speak congress. i know you agree with the pope on issues of abortion and marriage. many conservatives have criticized him on climate change, income inequality. what do you hope to hear from the pope this week? >> i'm a roman catholic. for the pope, he's a successor of peter. he's a spiritual head of the church. i follow him 100% on those issues. otherwise i wouldn't be a roman catholic. so, i believe that deeply. the pope is an individual, an important figure in the world,
10:20 am
also has political opions, and those of course we are free to disagree with. he opines about what we should do on climate and economics. those are issues that the church talks about in regards to their social teachings, i'm sorry the way you balance government with society. the social issues, like the sanctity of life, that goes deep to the theology of the faith. i do believe those are binding and i believe strongly in them. on the geopolitical issues, he's just trying to bring people together. that's his role as a spiritual leader. i have job as a senator to act for the people. from time to time, that might lead to different opinions. i have no problem with the pope. i would reserve judgment if given the chance to address the public there. my hope he'll discuss human
10:21 am
rights and freedoms. >> senator rubio, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. more politics ahead on our powerhouse roundtable. plus, we'll be live in cuba with pope francis and behind the scenes as officials here prepare for an historic week. >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos brought to you by pacific life. for life insurance, annuities and investments, choose pacific life. the power to help you succeed. annuities and investments. choose pacific life. the power to help you succeed. life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life. helping generations of families achieve long-term financial security for over 145 years.
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hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. pope francis in cuba this morning. huge crowd there for his mass. as he calls for reconciliation,
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ahead of his first trip to the united states this week. abc news will cover all of the big moments and we begin with terry moran who traveled from rome with the pope. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george, a steamy morning here in havana, but really a beautiful scene here. the pope has just finished his homily to this throng of cubans. on the subject of service to the poor. thousands upon thousands of cubans have turned out. in the face of decades that kept their faith in the face of decades of official discouragement of faith, but really, and we have just seen here, three dissidents have been arrested as they tried to approach the pope and hand him leaflets. they're here to hear this argentine pope, this fellow
10:27 am
latin american, preach a very different kind of revolution. this historic trip began with a flourish. a salute. and a gust of wind that lifted pope francis's white robe into the air. he met raul castro. two veteran latin americans much to discuss. like the diplomatic breakthrough that pope helped broker last year. president obama making clear when he announced the deal in december how crucial the pope's role was. >> in particular, i want to thank his holiness, pope francis. shows us the importance of pursuing the world as it should be. >> reporter: so, one of francis' goals on this trip to both cuba and the united states, strengthen that deal. >> the florida straits is papa papacy to what the berlin wall was to pope john
10:28 am
paul ii. he wants that wall to come down. >> reporter: onboard the papal plane, pope francis joined us briefly, urging the media to be a force for good. build bridges, he told us, make a big bridge for peace. already the u.s. embassy here is open for business and the white house this week lifted more travel and commercial restrictions. cubans are hoping francis' trip can help spur change here, tens of thousands turned out along the roads for him. while in the united states, americans are getting ready. pope francis will make stops at the white house and congress, new york city and the world conferences on families in philadelphia. he's already reaching out with a rare english language message. >> i will be there, because you will be there. see you in philadelphia! >> reporter: the pope is said to be studying and practicing his english. but really, even just spending a few minutes on with him on the
10:29 am
plane, you get the sense that he's a gifted communicator in many ways. his words, his gestures. especially the whole challenge that his papacy represents to the powers that be, here in cuba and the united states as well. >> okay, terry, thanks very much. and we'll be back with that remarkable behind the scenes efforts to keep the pope safe. and our powerhouse roundtable weighs in on this week's debate. and is the gop any closer to finding its nominee? >> announcer: and later, the powerhouse puzzler brought to you by voya financial. can a business have a mind?
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♪ pope francis arrives in the u.s. this week, he'll be met by president obama, both houses of congress, the u.n., and millions of americans. and a fair amount of concern for the safety of the pope and the crowds he'll greet. new york commissioner bill bratton took me behind the scenes for a look at the extraordinary effort to protect the pope. inside the command center, 8,000 cameras. >> we're looking at st. pat's. >> reporter: 5,000 officers will be on duty. unprecedented security sparked by a swarm of vips. you got the pope's visit, president obama coming. have you ever seen a challenge like this? >> no. >> reporter: what is your biggest concern right now? >> we have no specifically identified threat directed any of these events. >> reporter: the pope will visit the st. patrick's cathedral, east harlem, central park. a massed a madison square garden.
10:36 am
the commissioner will watch it all from his mobile command vehicle. and you can do anything in here? we'll have your helicopters in the air as well. >> we got 7 helicopters and 42 boats. >> reporter: working hand in hand with the secret service. their agents responding to motorcade attacks. the director briefed our pierre thomas. >> knowing what isis is about to do, to disrupt, to do a terrorist attack, how are you factoring that in? >> we're all about being preventati preventative. we have a vision that monitors the intelligence world out there. >> reporter: we drove to the 9/11 memorial, another of the pope's stop, coordinating security for the pope that likes to get out and meet people. you have to be ready. >> we wll benefit from the many experiences we watched closely as he's traveled around the
10:37 am
world, how he's dealt with crowd surge, the unexpected. >> reporter: you ready? >> we're ready. >> got some smiles there. joined now by new york city mayor bill de blasio. your police chief is confident. are you confident everything is under control and what is your biggest concern going forward this week? >> absolutely confident. great partnership between nyp, the secret service and the fbi, we're ready. we have the personnel, we have the equipment, we have the planning. my concern is simply, there's a lot of moving parts, but we know how to bring them together. we have world leaders and his holiness, never happened before at the same time. but the nypd is absolutely ready. >> you said this trip is a tremendous moment for new york. what are you most excited about? >> i would strongly urge senator you heard marco rubio saying earlier, making a distinctions between social and economic issues. >> i would strongly urge senator rubio to go back and re-read the sermon on the mount.
10:38 am
clearly, the core of catholic teachings and christian teachings talks about the economic realities that people face. and as for thousands of years. i was surprised to h ed td to he that separation. two sentences from his holiness. he said, this area never been confirmed by the facts goodness of wielding economic system. the workings of the revalg economic system, meanwhile, the exexcluded are still waiting. that's pope francis talking about something that's been the core of catholic teachings for 2,000 years. i'm surprised that mr. rubio doesn't understand that. >> what do you say to those conservatives that say, this is not the pope's area of expertise? >> i think the church has always devoted itself to talking about fairness in every sense, including economic fairness. i think that's one of the foundational concepts of the religion.
10:39 am
he's talking about what a moral structure looks like that's actually inclusive. that's the power of this pope. yes, he has a compelling personality and is a communicator. but his ideas are actually calling people to a different kind of world order. and i think when he comes here, to a country he's never been to before and talks before the united states congress, i think it's going to be one of those moments that we look back on and say, this is moment where american politics and society changed. >> you haven't endorsed a presidential candidate. you worked for hillary clinton. but you line up as i said earlier with bernie sanders on a lot of the big issues, how are you going to decide? >> i'm very proud to be a democratic right now. the democrats are talking about income inequality, how to restore the middle class. i think quite honestly and forthrightly, the republican field is not only attacking each
10:40 am
other, they're offering very divisive visions about this country. so, the democrats are in a strong solid place right now. i think -- >> hillary clinton declining -- >> i don't buy that theory right now. i think she's running a good campaign, because her vision is getting stronger and stronger. the people of this country a middle class that has been stalled and stuck for a couple of decades now economically, people looking for a strong vision, there was an incredible "new york times" poll back in june that showed 67% of americans wants income inequality addressed. they want to see things like child care opportunities for people and paid sick leave. this is what hillary clinton is talking about. i think the contrast is extraordinary. >> how are you going to decide? >> look at the decisions, look at the facts. hillary clinton is an extremely capable individual.
10:41 am
i think she's -- look, i think the issue of wages and benefits we have to hear more. i want to say since she announced she consistently put guard a stronger and stronger vision each week. >> and you don't think joe biden should get in? >> i'm very comfortable with the candidates we have right now. i think with the candidates we have we'll do very well. >> good luck this week. >> thank you. back with the roundtable. all their incites and analysis after a dramatic week on the campaign trail.
10:42 am
if you want a president who will listen to you, work her heart out to make your life better, then you're looking at her. >> what looked like a fringe campaign is now seen as a campaign that's standing up for working americans and is prepared to take on the billionaire class.
10:43 am
>> a little bit of hillary clinton and bernie sanders in new hampshire. we're back with our roundtable. matthew dowd, cokie roberts, ana navarro republican and donna brazile democrat. i want to start with the republican debate. in the first poll out since the debate, you see this movement -- donald trump down about eight points from 32% to 24%. big shift for carly fiorina. she's up to 15%, from 3%. ben carson taking a lit bit of a drop. another big move from marco rubio. bush stays the same. look at that scott walker. goes from 5% in early september to less than 1%. so, matthew dowd, how did this debate change the race? >> well, first of all, we have discovered that debates matter more than anything else. the first debate got her into this debate. this debate launched fiorina into the top three during the course of this race. so, it matters.
10:44 am
what this has shown, this is a troubled situation right now for donald trump. during the course of this race, he's only risen, this is the first time he's dropped. as you know, george, in politics, it's the test of your campaign and your candidacy when you start bleeding numbers and what you do to recover from that. >> that's a problem. >> you know, the largest number of people also said in this poll that he did the worst, so, you know, he keeps having this funny dichotomy of people saying, we're for him, but two-thirds of them saying he's not qualified to be president. >> matt, was he doing well -- if he doesn't do well, does the whole bottom fall out? ana you're close to marco rubio and jeb bush, you see this big, big surge for carly fiorina. >> well, i think donald trump did carly a favor by attacking her looks. he gave her an opening. and when you give carly fiorina an opening she takes it and she
10:45 am
makes it wider. that's what we have seen. she proved that she can do very well. among the outsiders, ben carson, donald trump, carly fiorina, carly came prepared. she knew her facts. the reason donald trump did so bad because this was a very policy-focused debate. he went 37 minutes without speaking at one point. that's probably the first time in his life. >> let's stick with carly fiorina for a minute, now that she's doing much, much better, in second place in this poll, she'll get more scrutiny, her business record especially. >> absolutely. not only her business record but some of the facts that she mentioned on stage last week did not add up. the fact about planned parenthood, that video did not exist, and the fact that she also could not mention a woman and said women were not special interests.
10:46 am
>> i thought that was a strong moment for -- >> well, no, it's not a game, george, women have contributed to history. women deserve to be mentioned -- >> her answer was better than the other two, who named foreigners as people they wanted on -- >> or my mom or my wife, please. >> i think we reached the stage in this cycle people want leadership model. i think what happened with donald trump, and we have had this conversation, george, his mannerisms, is now a question, i think marco rubio showed up at that debate. he looked like he could be a leader, he was knowledgeable and well-spoken. carly looked like she could be a leader. but there needs to be a second act for all of them. and i think that's the modeli modeling -- >> you saw from marco in this
10:47 am
debate consistency, he also had a very good first debate. i think he's going to have debates every time. he's the most eloquent. the guy with the best political skills up there. >> and the toughest person for the democrats. >> and do you worry his youth, his comparison to barack obama, someone with limited experience to take over the presidency? >> john kasich is a ugh candidate and for whatever reason, he faded. he was not able -- >> because he didn't have the hometown crowd. >> it's almost like there are two different campaigns going on at the same time. you got trump, carson and fiorina going for that outsider vote. you got kasich, bush, rubio, all looking to be the established candidate -- >> and the problem that they have, their whole campaign is their record. you know, my record as governor, my record in congress. and the voters, they're anti-records. >> won't that shift over time? >> but the fascinating thing we
10:48 am
talked about six months ago, we thought that this was going to be midwest and florida. because scott walker's strength in the midwest and jeb bush's strength in florida. it's now looking like it's midwest and florida. it's marco rubio instead of jeb bush. >> my question is, what happened to scott walker? >> he didn't have it. he never had it. i never thought it would be scott walker because he doesn't have the gravitas. >> he was very good in the minor leagues, he can't cut it in the majors. he's been tainted. painted in the background in the debates. where he's going to feel it now is donors. >> last time around, tim pawlenty, strong record as minnesota governor, gets out. is that going to happen to scott walker? >> yes. >> i think scott walker will be out before the next debate. right now hi's an ast risk in the polls. >> not only he is the asterisk,
10:49 am
he's the last asterisk in the cnn poll. >> cokie, you were watching the candidates. >> that's really geeky, saturday night watching the candidates -- >> you also just -- >> i was watching the pope in cuba. >> i was watching football. >> i was listening to bill de blasio. what he said, more praise for hillary clinton right now, but she has had a bad run in these polls. every single poll the last six weeks shows her dropping, bernie sanders moving up strongly in iowa and new hampshire. >> last night, she talked about all kinds of things that voters actually care about and she did talked about care giving as a big problem in families. if she takes a message like that out to the voters that would be very, very powerful and part of that she has been listening. she has been listening to actual people's real problems. and so, if she can make people
10:50 am
believe that she is the person who can help fix their problems, that goes a long way. >> i think that's big step she'll have to overcome. interesting thing about hillary, every time before she gets in the race, the theory of hillary is always much better than the actual reality of hillary running. this year she got in everybody loved her. she gets in this race her numbers drop. i think she'll have to figure out -- she has to confront two things, a majority of people dislike her and a majority of people distrust her. >> there's this talk inside the democratic party, oh yeah, she's behind in iowa and new hampshire. she can lose both of those. is that happy talk? can the front-runner really lose the first two? >> i'll never forget the pressure i was under as al gore's campaign manager. when bill bradley came on strong. you know the truth is, you have to win everywhere.
10:51 am
you have to go out and compete for every vote. i think she has face td this turbulence with grace and she'll come through it. i think she's going to be a stronger candidate. the truth is, the american people hate politicians, they distrust politicians. when she ran for senate, she was down. again, nine candidates. become a candidate, she goes down. >> also, i'll ll you the american people dislike politicians. i'll tell you who they like is joe biden. he comes across as authentic. i bet he'll play big this next week. >> he was criticized him almost the week he was burying the son. republicans like him because he's not a candidate. >> they'll keep liking him until he moves ahead of hillary. >> he's the highest -- since that appearance on colbert where he was so
10:52 am
effecting, i looked at every poll since then, the highest he gets is about 22%. now, as matt said, you tend to be higher before you get in the race. >> i want to bring that to donna, what's really going on here? it appears to be, on one hand his team is doing everything is in place if he decides to run. on the other hand, he's truly not made up his mind whether he's going to get it. >> it's like we're about to play football. the cheerleaders are there in the stands, ready for him. the quarterback, the coach aren't there yet. something about this game, this contest that joe biden is still hesitant about. i believe he'll hear from a lot of people. those who want him to run. >> so, so transparent. he's a father in mourning.
10:53 am
who doesn't know if he has the emotional gravitas to be able to do this. i think he has been very honest with the american people. i hope he runs,because i think it will be good for him and cathartic for him. we got to take our break. first, powerhouse puzzler. inspired by pope. who was the first pope to visit the united states? the answer after this from
10:54 am
the powerhouse puzzler is brought to you by voya financial. okay, so who was the first pope to visit the united states as we look at pope francis. let's see what you all came up. >> paul vi. >> paul vi. paul vi. paul vi. pius. everybody but you, cokie. >> i thought he had made it. let's talk a little bit about this trip, though, right now, pope francis coming to the united states, his first trip
10:55 am
ever, a new poll shows great support for the pope in the united states. especially among catholics. here's why, we showed this poll right here that says 56% now believe that he's actually staying in touch with the people that's a big shift, cokie. >> a huge shift. he, instead of seeming to be this out of touch person in red shoes walking inside the vatican with swiss guards around him. he's as natural as they come. smiling out to people. delighted when children are there. calling on parishes all over europe to take in refugees and visiting, the last thing before he left the vatican, seeing the family that they had taken in and talking about that on the way over. and just seeming to be a regular person, not somebody so completely removed. >> i was struck by a column you wrote this week actually comparing pope francis and donald trump?
10:56 am
>> well, there's a reason for that. problemsover wealth and somebody who celebrates wealth. somebody who has his name all over the place and someone who plays modesty. they have begun to crumble, the republican party in politics. big personas arise. the pope is a big persona that in a midst of a change in the church, he's pushing power outward. i think the other thing that this pope is coming into a political environment in the united states, which is a presidential campaign going on, where there's all this conflict of divisiveness, and he's coming in not only as a spiritual leader but a political leader. they'll have to respond to that. whether it's on environmental issues. the other thing, george, he took the name of a saint who basically reached out to muslims in the midst of the crusades at a time when all of this conversation is going
10:57 am
on whether -- >> we saw a little bit from marco rubio and a little bit from mayor de blasio. donna, politicians cherry picking parts of the pope's message. >> that's what politicians have been doing. that's what catholics do. this notion of comparing pope francis to donald trump makes me question your sobriety. >> look broadly. look broadly. >> i really think that we need to depoliticized the pope's visit. he is the pope. he's not even stepped foot in america. can we stop arguing whether he's a democrat or a republican? he's not running in 2016. he's the spiritual leader. he means so much to catholics of every ilk. we need to take the good lessons that the pope is going to give. he'll say things that we like and things that we dislike. he's the pope. >> part of christianity that i
10:58 am
believe in -- this pope personifies what i believe is the essence of christianity. >> the sermon on the mount. he shows that acts are more powerful than words. >> we'll have complete coverage of the pope's historic trip all week long, including his arrival on andrews air force base. thank you all. that's all for us today. thank you for sharing part of your sunday with us. check out "world news tonight" and i'll see you tomorrow on "good morning america." [captioning performed by the
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